S.B. – South East

Gary, I honestly can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and tenacity whilst we worked to secure me my new role.

From the very first phone call I really felt that you ‘had the measure of me’ and I was confident you would be able to put forward the best version of me and my CV to future employers. It worked too…two job offers is something I never expected to happen.

You were also brilliant at helping me understand my own worth in terms of salary expectations which was such a breath of fresh air in an industry where people don’t like letting on what they earn!! For me as a career changer and someone who has taken time out of the workplace in the past this was invaluable and really helped me navigate a field where I’d have been totally lost without someone there to help me. Your interview tips and ‘strategy’ guidance were also practical and useful, and straight to the point.

Lastly I can’t thank you enough for ‘sticking with it’ when the employer took their time to confirm details, and even the final offer as well! I think I would have taken it as a hint and gone elsewhere, so yet again your expertise in knowing when to keep going really paid off.

I’m really excited to start my new role after Christmas and feel this positive step in my career would never have happened without your involvement.

Wishing you all the very best for the future. Keep in touch – who knows, it might be me needing your help recruiting someone else next time

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