Scott L, North West

I just wanted to provide some feedback in relation to Connor Franks following the recent role placement he secured for me and after having a couple of weeks to settle in. Connor has been nothing short of outstanding as a recruiter for me, once my CV was out there I’d get 2-3 calls a day from various recruiters just trying to push me to go for any role to get their stats up but the experience I’ve had with QED and Connor specifically has been quite the opposite, and it has without a doubt left me knowing exactly who I would turn to should I ever require another role. Connor went well above and beyond in terms of service and advice for me and I could tell he wasn’t just trying to get me into anywhere, even calling to wish me luck for another interview I had arranged independently showed he understood the importance of me finding the right role and not just any role and that said a lot.  Ultimately, it has been the role Connor arranged that I accepted and what a difference that change has made. After spending the last 6 months in absolute misery and dreading re-entering a pretty toxic work environment every day, to be back in a positive and happy workplace has had a huge impact on me already. The full extent of the negative mental effects of my surroundings weren’t clear until I’ve been able to reflect in a new environment and I’ve Connor to thank for that. I apologise for the essay but can’t thank Connor enough for the advice, support and finding this fairly niche opportunity for me and I wanted to feed that back. I have told Connor all of this directly, but I wanted it to be recognised. I hope I don’t require Connor’s services again but if I do find myself in a position where I need a new role, I will be straight back on to Connor. Anyway, I just wanted it to be known that he did an exceptional job on my behalf, pre and post interview and I owe him a beer. This change of job has felt like a huge weight has been lifted and I am very grateful for that.  February 2020

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