Top Tips for Candidates – finding & getting the right legal job (Part 5)

Tip 10: Be patient  

Be patient – your dream role with your dream firm might not be on offer right now – so be prepared to hold out and wait rather than make a wrong career move. You do not want to have lots of moves on your CV in your legal career.

You are much better waiting months for the right role to come up rather than just taking the first offer you get. Again this is where a good legal job recruiter you trust will prove to be invaluable.

They will be able to advise you if that is the best offer and / or law firm you are likely to get an offer from. If you have worked at other good firms in the area and have been turned down (or have turned down) offers from others you may be in danger of exhausting your options. You need to trust your gut instinct as well – if you like the lawyers at the law firm, are sure the culture is what you are looking for and the work is of the right quality then go for it. If you have doubts then don’t accept until any issues have been ironed out and you are happy.

good legal recruitment agency will be invaluable here – they can ask the law firms questions that you would not be able to ask yourself and can help you make sure you are confident you are making the right move – or that turning the offer down is the right thing to do.

Good recruiters don’t put square pegs in round holes and don’t pressurise lawyers into taking unsuitable jobs. Make sure you are speaking to a good recruiter!

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