Top Tips for Candidates – finding & getting the right legal job (Part 3)

Tip 7: Be Realistic

Be realistic – big salary jumps, retraining into a new area of law and promotions in status to Partner are the exception rather than the rule.

If you are a commercial solicitor at a leading Legal 500 practice you are simply not going to get more than a token rise when joining another firm in a similar city or town handling similar work.

Those moves are more about type of clients, culture of firm and structure of teams where you might be afforded better career advancement opportunities in the future.

If you are working with a legal recruitment agent you trust then you should be able to openly discuss your hopes and dreams on career and salary with them in confidence. Gone are the days where you go in high at offer stage and the firm tries to low-ball and you meet in the middle. This is where great legal recruiters come into their own and can broker deals that all parties are happy with.

This is also where poor recruiters come unstuck as they are out of their depth and you can lose your dream legal job opportunity.

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